The TANGRAM, also known as The Wisdom Puzzle or The Seven Boards of Cunning, is a well-known jigsaw of Chinese
origin whose objective is to reproduce a suggested figure using the seven pieces of the puzzle. There is, at the same time,
totally freedom to build different figures. This represents a game that develops greatly the creativity. It is also said that the
Tangram has its origin in the theatrical performances that took place in the Ancient China. Those performances were made
with puppets, so they could represent inanimate objects, animals or people in movement.

The TANGRAM is also the name of the new show by TOC DE RETRUC. The basis of this show is the same concept of
the game: we play to play, not only with the figures that we can form with the Board, turning them into objects with life, but
also with all the elements of the stage. Like this, the stage game mixes up with the musical game, forming a mosaic of scenes where the plastic arts, the rhythm, the music and the interpretation lead us to a world of fantasy, making a show full
of power and audible and visual beauty that will mark the young audience, to whom the show is specially addressed to.

TANGRAM is performed by five actors, who are at the same time musicians and dancers, and it is addressed to a family
audience with no age limitations.



Italian stage with black box. Floor with linoleum or very
even floor.
Dimensions: Consult with the company, because there are
different ways of doing the staging.
The room has to be completely black so the effects of the ultraviolet light can be brought out.

12 PC 1000 w
12 PC 650 w
1 profile 1000w
Lighting mixing board and Dimmer, min. 12 channels

1000w P.A. System, including: amplifier, P.A. loudspeakers
The Company uses its own material of microphones, sound
mixing board and monitoring.

GET-IN: 3 hours
GET-OUT: 1 hour 30 minutes

A person responsible for the technical equipment of the theatre is required at the arrival of the Company.


TANGRAM postcard


Performers: Raissa Janer/ Marta Bou, Víctor Pérez Armero, Marta
Albir, Carles Bertrand, Raúl Pérez Armero
Stage and costume design and puppets: Marta Albir
Text and music: Carles Bertrand
Lighting: Ignasi Llorens
Stage direction: Iban Beltran i Omar Meza
Assistant direction: Marta Bou
Choreografy: Omar Meza
Photography: TAV, Eduard Malé, Caterina Bertrand
Vídeo : GAG Video Produccions
Communication: Q&A Imagen y Contenidos S.L.
Script and Art direction: Marta Albir i Carles Bertrand
Special thanks to: Lasala de Sabadell, CREDA II , Clownx Teatre, Victor Pérez Armero, Raúl Pérez Armero, Raïssa Janer, Marta Bou, Genís Oroval, Arnau Burés, Joel Mesa, Dani Guissado, Aina Moles, Sandra Bogopolski, Maria Fuster.


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    08198 Sant Cugat del Vallès


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